Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leaked following uPlay hack


This morning’s leaked footage of Blood Dragon (now pulled from Youtube), the awesome 80s action movie-inspired expandalone for Far Cry 3, was not the only thing to escape from Ubisoft’s vaults: Russian hackers managed to trick Ubisoft’s digital shopfront, UPlay, into thinking they already owned the unreleased game and allowed them to download it DRM-free. 

Copies of the game, which isn’t due for release till 1 May, are already appearing on torrent sites.

I can only imagine how bad a day the uPlay development team are having at the moment.

Considering the shift Ubisoft have undergone in the past year, seeming to almost reverse their stance on DRM and approaching the PC with a much friendlier attitude, this leak could mark a return to those less warm times. Hopefully Ubisoft’s response will be to beef up their own security and chalk this one up to a lack of care internally, rather than to use this as an argument for something draconian like always-on DRM.

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft for comment.

Cheers, Eurogamer.