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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon never has to end thanks to new garrison reset button


Do you ever get garrison guilt? You know – when you liberate all of a region’s bases from their cyborg occupiers, and then wish you’d saved a few heads to crack later? What if you feel the need to wind down after a long jeep ride with dragon-wrestling in a confined space? What if you come to realise that you’re here to chew gum and kick down garrisons, and you’re all out of garry gum?

Thankfully, Ubisoft Montreal have something they can prescribe for that.

Players have reportedly made good use of the Outpost reset button introduced in an earlier patch, and so Ubi have enabled a more far-reaching option.

“The Blood Dragon patch will allow players to reset all the garrisons and retake them,” they write. “That means more explosions, more neon and an infinite supply of blood dragons pumped straight into your mindmeat.”

Infinite dragons, you say. Just imagine.

One of the most popular refrains about Far Cry 2 went something like this: “Why is this country so incessantly hostile? Tra la la. I could do with a breather, be bop bop”. The sequel saw an end to that with its garrison capture mechanic, but some found they lost interest once they’d liberated and made peaceful (read: boring) a good portion of Vaas’ island. Have Ubi found a quick and easy solution to that?

Thanks, Eurogamer.