Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack and screens are loving homage to Terminator and the 80s


Something’s spreading through Ubisoft, it’s excising useless rot like the po-faced Assassin’s Creed in favour of pirates and swashbuckling, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is getting closer to release with each passing day, and, now, we learn that Power Glove are scoring Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Power Glove!

Plus, the latest screens show a game dripping with 80s love, there are vibrant greens and blues, lasers, lens flares. My goodness it’s glorious

Australian duo PowerGlove– not, as I previously thought, the American power metal insturmental band Powerglove – are scoring the new expandalone, which we still only know a little about.

Some of the tracks Power Glove have written for the game have appeared on their Soundcloud page:

It sounds damn good.

It looks pretty great too:


Rockets with “Danger” written on them!


Gun-holding gauntlet covered in bright green lights!


Soldier casually leaning against a crate!


Shotgun that fires sparklers!


Purple cabling!



If this is a sign of things to come for Far Cry 3, with individual projects styled wildly differently to the original game being released as regular expansions, then this could be a unique move for a big developer. A unique and excellent move. It approaches something like what the Bioshock franchise could become, the name simply acting as a rough schema of what game to expect but with the setting, influences, and themes shifting between titles.