Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video has Michael Biehn say swears. A lot.


Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry 3: Blood dragon video shows the game’s creative director, Dean Evans, sit down with Terminator actor Michael Biehn, voice of Sergeant Rex Power Colt, to talk about the actor’s passion for the project.

Dean Evans: “What do you think of games? Do you play games?”

Michael Biehn: “No. I don’t, er, I’m here for a pay cheque. Nothing else. I reckon that’s about it.

Dean Evans: “Well you weren’t the first choice anyway but we couldn’t get Kevin Bacon.

It’s difficult to sense a cohesive tone across the whole range of videos Ubisoft have released for Blood Dragon so far but they’re getting points for sheer effort. If other major publishers put this much inventive work into their promotional material we’d have less of this and more of this.

Steve’s been hands-on with Blood Dragon and, while he wasn’t entirely swayed by Ubisoft’s attempt to craft well-made tosh, he did enjoy the brazen stupidity of it all.

Cheers, VG247.