Far Cry 3 crafting guide: bags of fun


If you want to succeed in the big, bad world of Far Cry 3 there’s something you need to take on board immediately: you need bigger bags. Bigger ammo bags. Bigger loot bags. Bigger pockets for fuel and rockets and guns and mines and things that go boom in the night. And syringes. Always syringes. And wallets.

So, we’ve put together a little guide to help you on your way.

Happy hunting.

The first point to note: when you begin Far Cry 3 your inventory is absolutely tiny. You can carry one gun, a tiny heap of ammo, and just a few grenades. Worst of all, your loot rucksack is tiny. If you don’t get to upgrading it very early on, you’ll quickly run up against the loot cap.

The second point: upgrades to your inventory come from skinning wild animals, but you won’t see what skins you need for high tiers until you’ve passed up the tech tree. That can be frustrating: but there’s a list of the total supplies required at the bottom of this post.

The third point: everything you carry has a loot cap that can be upgraded. Your wallet can be upgraded. Your rucksack can be upgraded. Your fuel supply can be upgraded. There’s no set order in which they have to be upgraded, but there is a strategy.

The fourth point: start the crafting as early as possible. You might as well begin once you’re out of the starting zones and are given the choice to free-roam.

The fifth point: if you don’t upgrade the wallet and reach your money cap, you’ll be actively losing cash every time you loot a chest. The early $1000 cap is tiny in the grand scheme of things. You should aim to upgrade your wallet as quickly as possible.

The sixth point: in the Spider skill tree, you’ll find too essential skills – Horticulture 101 and Zoology 101. Push points into these skills as early as possible – they double the amount of resources you’ll earn from each skin or herb gather.

And the last point: the final upgrade for most items is only available through the Path of the Hunter side quests. Path of the Hunter side-quests appear on the bulletin boards as you take down pirate outposts. Don’t feel you have to chase them down immediately – it’s usually better to upgrade everything to its max first, before moving up into the final phases. Path of the Hunter rewards are marked with (PotH) on the charts below.

Now: the nitty gritty. Here’s a list of the total upgrades available to you, and below it, a list of the total skin requirements pre-Path of the Hunter.

Here are the total upgrades available to you:


Simple (32 slots) – 1 x Pig Hide
Rugged (48 slots) – 2 x Tapir Hide
Heavy Duty (64 slots) – 2 x Dingo Pelt
Extended (80 slots) – 1 x Undying Bear Leather (PotH)

Simple ($2000) – 1 x Pig Hide
Rugged ($4000) – 2 x Cassowary leather
Heavy Duty ($6000) – 2 x Shark skin
Extended ($10,000) – 1 x One Horn Buffalo Hide (PotH)

Weapon Holsters
Simple (two weapons) – 1 x Goat Skin
Rugged (three weapons) – 2 x Deer Hide
Heavy Duty (four weapons) -2 x Shark Skin

Syringe Kits
Simple (five syringes) – 1 x Pig Hide
Rugged (seven syringes) – 3 x Pig Hide
Heavy Duty (nine syringes) – 2 x Leopard Skin
Extended (11 syrings) – 1 x Black Panther Leather (PotH)


Ammunition Pouch
Simple – 2 x Boar Hide
Rugged – 2 x Buffalo Skin
Heavy Duty – 2 x Tiger skin
Extended – 1 x Golden Tiger Leather (PotH)

Grenade Pouch
Simple (four grenades, four molotovs) – 2 x Goat Skin
Rugged (six grenades, six molotovs) – 2 x Deer Hide
Heavy Duty (eight grenades, eight molotovs)- 3 x Komodo Dragon Skin
Extended (12 grenades, 12 molotovs) -1 x Blood Komodo Dragon Leather (PotH)

Munitions Pouch
Simple (3 x C4, 3 x mines) – 2 x Goat Skin
Rugged (4 x C4, 4 x mines) – 2 x Leopard Skin
Heavy Duty (5 x C4, 5 x mines) -2 x Bear Skin
Extended (6 x C4, 6 x mines) – 1 x White Belly Tapir (PotH)

Fuel Sling
Simple – 2 x Dog Skin
Rugged – 2 x Boar Hide
Heavy Duty – 2 x Komodo Dragon Skin
Extended – 1 x Yellow Necked Cassowary Leather (PotH)

Rocket Pack
Simple (4 x RPG, 8X GL-94) – 1 x Deer Hide
Rugged (5 x RPG, 10 x GL-94) – 4 x Dingo Pelt
Heavy Duty (6 x RPG, 12 x GL-94) – 3 x Tiger Skin

Arrow Quiver
Simple (10 normal, 10 special) – 1 x Goat Skin
Rugged (15 x normal, 10 x special) – 2 x Tapir Hide
Heavy Duty (20 x normal, 10 x special) – 2 x Bear Skin
Extended (25 x normal, 10 x special) – 1 x Maneater Shark’s Fin (PotH)


What do you actually need to collect?

Here are the scores (excluding Path of the Hunter):

Pig: 6
Tapir: 4
Dingo: 6
Cassowary: 2
Shark: 4
Goat 6
Deer 5
Leopard 4
Boar 4
Buffalo 2
Tiger 5
Komodo Dragon 5
Bear 4
Dog 2

When you’re done crafting, you can quickly sell your spare leather and skins at a shop or exchange machine. For your trouble, you’ll get:

Pig Skin $10
Dog Skin $10
Dingo Pelt $10
Tapir Hide $10
Boar Hide $15
Deer Hide $15
Cassowary Leather $15
Komodo Dragon Skin $15
Buffalo Hide $20
Leopard Skin $25
Shark Skin $30
Bear Skin $30
Tiger Skin $35