Far Cry 3 patch adds master difficulty setting and lets you reset pirate outposts


Far Cry 3’s latest patch increases the game’s longevity by adding a new difficulty setting and allowing you to reset all the pirate-owned outposts, and significantly improving the system for testing and rating custom-made maps.

We learned about the patch last month but here it is, out in the open, and ready for the installing.

Let’s have a look at its full contents, shall we.

Here’s the list sent to us by Ubisoft:


  • Outposts reset: after the end of the game, players can choose to reset the liberated outposts to face the challenge to take them over again
  • A new difficulty setting: Players who have completed the campaign can restart the adventure on MASTER difficulty, with more challenging enemies and dangerous wildlife


  • Map Beta Test: Map makers can now start a beta test to monitor how their map is being played using the new spectate feature and regular players are enabled to provide better feedback to help map makers improve their projects.
  • Maps by author: Players will be able to show all the maps created by an author
  • Idle kick: The feature that kicks out idle players during a MP match is removed from custom and private matches
  • The Skip map voting system has been improved with more visibility and time to cast the vote
  • A new mini-game called The Grid has been added to the Outpost website and smartphone apps.

That beta test mode for custom maps is a great addition. Previously, rounding up players to try and fill out to teams and trial your map was a real chore, unless you had 15 players at your beck and call.

If you’re interested in trying out a few custom maps here are five of my favourites, and if they tickle your creative noggin then this is our guide for getting started in making your own.