Far Cry 3 PC patch brings better stability and improved matchmaking


Patch! Woh-oh! That’s just my little attempt to connect with you Generation X Flash Gordon fans, there. But the truth is I hated Ted and have little love for your wobbly spaceships and mercy-averse Mings. Let’s talk about something we can all enjoy instead – a more stable Far Cry with better support for friend-making.

Far Cry 3 1.02 also improves team balancing in multiplayer, a crashing map maker and an issue which saw players fall through the world in some sort of grand metaphor for age.

Restart the game to download all of this:

Multiplayer fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with user created maps when more than 8 players were playing them.
  • Improved matchmaking for both Multiplayer and Co-op modes.
  • Improved team balancing when playing in party.
  • Fixed issues with Live balancing patch system.
  • Fix for the Map Editor crash at launch when the PC user contains language-specific characters.

Single player fixes:

  • Fixed issue where players fall through the world when not connected to the Ubisoft servers.
  • Fixed the “View Leaderboard” and “Start Trial” buttons in the World Map.
  • Improved stability when quitting to desktop.
  • Fixed issue with leaderboards.

Thanks, CVG.

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