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New Far Cry 3 trailer reiterates punching sharks and bear attacks


Far Cry 3 is out soon. November 29 in the UK, say Ubisoft, though whether we’ll hear news of a PC delay between now and then is another matter entirely. Either way, here’s a wonderful Far Cry 3 trailer that’s all about story and plot. In order to save his friends from a band of insane tropical pirates, Jason must first change himself by taking a lot of drugs, exploding a great many things, punching some big fish and discovering the true meaning of Christmas. Watch!

There’s anhonourablecommitment here to first-person storytelling, with a refreshing abandonment of silent protagonism to boot. Ubisoft have placed a lot of their chips on narrative and charactershere, while hopefully still leaning heavily on the pillars of wildlife-punching, man-shooting andthing-exploding.

Here what we thought when we played Far Cry 3, and here are the words spake unto mine ears when I asked Ubisoft about it.