Saitek’s Farming Simulator controller is a racing wheel with knobs on. Actual knobs!

farming simulator controllers giants software saitek

Until now Farming Simulator players have had to make do with taking racing wheels and pedals from others games to enhance their play. Saitek’s announced that it’s making some hardware specifically for GIANTS Software’s farming game.

Saitek’s offering even has one of those knobs on the steering wheel so you can spin it round like a loon.

The wheel offers 900 degrees of turning,significantly more than racing wheels the same as most racing wheels. Spinning the wheel will be made much easier with the knob welded to the frame. There’s a mini control stick built into the wheel that you can use to control your movement outside of the tractor’s cab and also to look around when you’re in the vehicle.

There’s buttons built around the wheel to access your PDA while driving – it’s not recommended you look at your phone while driving but if you’re a farmer on the edge then Saitek cater to you, too.

Naturally, Saitek are also making gas and brake pedals to go with the wheel.

Finally, as well as the pedals and wheel with knobs on, Saitek are designing an extra panel of configurable controls. The panel’s got a stick for operating your tractor’s attachments. There’s also “fully programmable buttons for tool attach/detach, tool switching, reverse, lights, horn, cruise control,” and, well, anything really, they’re programmable.

There’s no word on when the controller will be available to buy but I’ve my fingers crossed for early 2015.