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PETA want Farming Simulator 17 to include graphic pig-slaughter footage “to give players an accurate depiction of the industry”

Farming simulator 17 peta

PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have written a lovely letter to Farming Simulator 17 developers Giants Software, requesting that they include video footage from abattoirs in their game when it launches this October. Just imagine what that will do the franchise’s treasured three and over age rating.

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PETA allege that by not showing the reality of pig slaughter in abattoirs, Giants Software are releasing a dishonest portrayal of the industry. Their wording in an accompanying press release is a bit livelier: “to give players an accurate depiction of the industry, the game will need to show that pigs are killed by being hung upside down, stabbed, and dropped into scalding-hot water.

“Farming Simulator 17 should either show the nightmarish reality endured by pigs at the abattoir or change into Vegan Farming Simulator 17 and let players grow crops – to do anything else would be dishonest”. It’s worth pointing out that you you will be able to just farm crops in Farming Simulator 17, you know, if you don’t fancy subjecting your virtual pigs to the unpleasantries of the abattoir.

It’s also important to note that it would be impossible to drive a real-life tractor with a gamepad, and that actual farm work is much more strenuous than the game would have you believe. So Giants have some more work to do before they’ve truly earned that ‘simulator’ in their title.

Of course, Industrial farming has got its fair share of horror stories that PETA continually manage to unearth and expose, but a gentle and relaxing game about driving tractors and tending to some animals might not be the place to point the finger. The letter from PETA to Giants can be viewed here.