The Farming Simulator 17 E3 trailer has farm-based rap music over it, for some reason | PCGamesN

The Farming Simulator 17 E3 trailer has farm-based rap music over it, for some reason

it's officially late'o'clock and the last thing I was expecting was catchy country-rap over satisfying video of digitised tractors cutting through endless fields of plants. But that's where we are, here, on the last day of E3. Scroll below for that minute of satisfying goodness.

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Warning, definitely not safe for fans of living crops and flat ground. This stuff is nasty.

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Well, that all certainly happened. Focus Home / Giants Software say that the E3 build was showing off "a new environment, new vehicles, a new animal to breed, and new gameplay mechanics that increase the game's richness and depth every year, but also to make it more accessible for both existing fans and new players."

Given how popular the games have been with a hardcore-only target group, making it more attractive could do serious work. Farming Simulator 2015, for example, has over half a million owners on Steam, according to the ever-unreliable Spy. A good tutorial could double that, assuming they don't make the mistake of also simplifying the game to lose their original target audience. I'm told, though have never had the time or inclination to investigate, that these sort of games have a great calming effect. After watching that trailer, I kinda get it.

Do they do the business for you, dear readers?

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Jnx avatarJack1982cp avatar
Jnx Avatar
1 Year ago

I used to enjoy playing good whatever simulators occasionally and Farming Simulator is one of the better ones, but still less good than say, Euro Truck Simulator 2. For me it's not that much different from building stuff in Minecraft and other games like that. Now that I think of it, it's actually kind of like ARMA but for farming. Farming Sim has always been a bit of a grindy game though when it comes to progression and I've gotten the impression that many people just cheat money and enjoy all the equipment right away. That's certainly what I would have to do these days if I had the time to even imagine playing these games anymore.

Jack1982cp Avatar
1 Year ago

Country rap? The end times truly are upon us. I'm kind of drawn to this game though, looks like it would be really relaxing. Wish it had hills and valleys and more beautiful landscapes overall.