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Grim Dawn devs are making a survival city builder

From the developer of action RPG Grim Dawn, Farthest Frontier is a new spin on the Banished style of city building games

A church and brick plaza in the heart of a bustling city in Farthest Frontier.

We’re suckers for a good city-building game around these parts, and there’s a brand new one coming to Early Access later this year. It’s called Farthest Frontier, and it’s a gorgeous-looking game that sees you managing a tiny band of settlers as they establish a new township in the hardscrabble wilderness.

Farthest Frontier is in the works at Crate Entertainment, the developers of the Diablo-style action RPG Grim Dawn. This is a different prospect altogether, however – Farthest Frontier promises to have the “most detailed farming system ever” in a city builder, with 10 different crops to pick from. You’ll have to mind your fields by removing weeds and rocks, and plan your planting and harvesting schedules carefully to make sure you’re rotating crops and preserving the soil’s fertility.

It also promises highly customisable difficulty, letting you choose the type of game you want to play. Pacifist games feature a combat-free experience, but you’ll still have to ward off deer and bears who come calling to feast on the bounty of your fields. However, you can also raise the stakes by enabling human raiders and hostile armies, whom you’ll have to fight off by building palisades and outfitting a city watch.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Naturally, you’ll also have to deal with various disasters and diseases, such as dysentery and cholera, which can spread through your town causing misery and devastation. To fight against these nasty ailments, you’ll need to set up facilities to produce clothes, medicine, and shoes, as well as teams to handle your town’s waste and sanitation.

It all sounds pleasantly bustling, and it’ll be coming to Steam in Early Access later this year – it’s definitely a game to keep your eye on if you’re a fan of Banished or other survival city builders.