Shadowrun Returns-inspired Fear Effect sequel gets backer demo

Fear Effect

A new Fear Effect game is now fully backed on Kickstarter with Square Enix’s blessing, as part of the Square Enix Collective. Development seems to be moving along nicely, too, since a demo that’s only available to select backers has been released. 

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Existing after the events of a cancelled third game in the cult classic series, Fear Effect Sedna takesinspiration from Harebrained Schemes’ excellent turn-based tactical RPG, Shadowrun Returns. Fans of the old Resident Evil-style action might be upset by this news, but the game only exists because Square Enix gave developersSushee the green light, based on this new direction.

As a result of this agreement, made possible by the Square Enix Collective,Hana, Rain, Glas and Deke are back, joined by Axel for this new adventure. A work-in-progress demo is now live, with qualifying backers getting emails with the details today. The demo promises to pose questions without answering them, not spoiling the meat of the in-development RPG’s story.

Now the level designers are working on the next missions, deciding whether to stage them around infiltration or combat and choosing which characters they will involve. Meanwhile, Sushee’s 3D artists will work on the models and animation, while other developers are working on the fog of war, making it so enemies can really surprise players.

Check the fully funded Kickstarter page for Fear Effect Sedna at that there link.

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