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Fedora no more: Tex Murphy gets new trailer, retitled “Tesla Effect”


The new Kickstarted Tex Murphy game is one of those projects that fills me with trepidation as I wonder whether we can ever really go home again to one of the defining franchises of the FMV era. Will the Tex Murphy series’ mixture of with, cheese, and darkness look so good in the cold light of the 21st century?

Actually, the new trailer has me thinking it looks better than ever.

So the new game will be called Tesla Effect, which should excite fans of the visionary inventor who has been transformed into a techno-wizard in popular memory.

I like what I see here: it still looks like a Tex Murphy game, just at higher resolution. The blatant CG backdrops are all there, the post-production effects… and the sense of genuine menace.

That’s the thing about the Tex Murphy series: for all that it could be low-budget cheese, it was never schlock. And if you invested in it, it paid you back with honest and endearing characterizations and stories that were always a little more gripping than you expected. The Pandora Directive struck this balance perfectly, and the Tesla Effect trailer makes me think that Big Finish Games still have the touch. Good to see you again, Tex.

You deadbeat.