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Feel the love: Nvidia is hosting a gargantuan global celebration of PC gaming tomorrow


Nvidia rather likes PC gaming – which isn’t particularly surprising given how many of our PCs are powered by the developer’s tech. But on Thursday, the folks at Nvidia want to show you how much, exactly, they like it with a rather barmy 24 hour celebration that they’re calling Game24.  

From London to Shanghai, there will be big live events along with a blow out online. Competitions, developer interviews, a very random assortment of celebrities, guest hosts, Dota 2 shenanigans and announcements from Nvidia and game devs are all being crammed into this 24 hour global party. 

There’s certainly a lot on the books, and more than likely a couple of things that will pique your interest.

A Dota 2 invitational will see pro teams like Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, Team Tinker, and Alliance duking it out for $15,000 in prizes, and if that doesn’t float your boat there’s also Mod24, where modders will test their metal over the course of the day by constructing custom rigs.

Devs will be there too, making game annoucements and getting interviewed. Expect to see Epic, Ubisoft, Boss Key, NCSoft, Blizzard, Warner Brothers, Respawn and a few more.

And Jason Mewes, one half of Jay and Silent Bob, is going to be there, presumably doing something.

The livestream kicks off tomorrow, at 6pm PDT, and you can register for any of the physical events right here. The livestream will be doing it’s thing here.