Insomniac announce two new VR games: brawler Feral Rites and magic duel The Unspoken | PCGamesN

Insomniac announce two new VR games: brawler Feral Rites and magic duel The Unspoken

Feral Rites

Insomniac have been big in console land for two decades, but it looks like they’re planning to hit the PC hard thanks to virtual reality. The studio already have one VR game in the pipeline, but have now announced that they’re working on a further two: the combo-based brawler Feral Rites, and PvP magic dueller The Unspoken.

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Feral Rites transports you to a mystical island and into a world of tribesmen who can transform into feral beasts. The campaign sees you take on “harrowing” missions in a quest for revenge, picking up new abilities along the way to contribute to the combo-based combat system. 

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The Unspoken is a first-person urban fantasy that sees spell-slinging mages battle each other in underground fight clubs. By using the Oculus Touch controllers, players will be able to summon shields and cast spells at enemies in the destructible 1v1 multiplayer arenas.  

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The two join Edge of Nowhere, Insomniac’s Lovecraftian horror game, as the trio of titles the studio intends to launch on Oculus VR. 

PC players haven’t had much chance to experience much of Insomniac’s output, but their years in console development have seen them continually hone a very flavoursome version of fun. The Ratchet and Clank games have been continually inventive, and Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive certainly has its punkish OTT charms. Hopefully the studio can carry on their legacy of colourful joy in their VR games.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

So Feral Rites is Bloody Roar, basically? Okay.

I'm actually into that. It scratches a few itches. The first of which being that we're not bloody human beings all the time, which as one being not riddled with the apparently hedonistic pleasures of unbound xenophobia, I find that thrilling! I don't care what it is, really. I'd be just as happy to be an augmented jellyfish exploring black holes, at least I wouldn't be another gormless, po-faced, uninteresting spod of a human.

I'm sorry. My own species isn't all that interesting considering all the other fascinating options that might exist. I think it's all that over-exposure and the ubiquity element considering that we're all one of the bloody things, aren't we? And all so vain and obsessed with this form of ours.

I'll never understand the human attachment to the form they came online in. It's vexing.

The other is the tribal aesthetic which these days is an anathema in fantasy, is it not? It's treated as a disease never to be afflicted upon a more clean, metrosexually romanticised view of barbarians and mages. And I had to write that. I know how strange that sounded, but it's not exactly untrue, is it? Is it? I think it's perhaps a certain cultural and racial xenophobia that's lead us away from it. Oh, you know, how there were never any of us white skinnies who'd wear those sorts of things or get involved in something so unseemly.

I miss the tribal aesthetic. It's quite rare. You wouldn't think so, but really, look into it. It's surprising how rare it's become, in fantasy it's sort of fallen by the sidelines in favour of the aforementioned more clean, metrosexual ideal of fantasy. And even when fantasy is a bit gritty, it's still got that metrosexual edge to it. See: Skyrim.

Skyrim was the cleanest 'dirty' fantasy I'd ever seen. And no, not dirty like that, you pervert.

Hm. Things to think about. I don't know if Feral Rites is going to be a good game. I think I'll like it though, nonetheless. Like I said, it scratches itches that I have and need scratching. Even if by the large claws of a giant panther in a loincloth.