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Conquer the middle ages with historical war game Field of Glory 2: Medieval

This tactical turn-based romp will let you show the medieval world who's boss

non-game artwork for FOG2 medieval showing two knights fighting

Slitherine has released a new tactical war game in its Field of Glory line, covering medieval warfare during the middle ages. Field of Glory II: Medieval is a hard-as-nails turn-based strategy game that lets you command a diverse range of armies, dating from 1040 all the way through to 1270 AD.

This is the stand-alone sequel to Field of Glory II, which was released in 2017. Both are essentially digital adaptations of the classic Field of Glory tabletop game, created by renewed designer Richard Bodley-Scott who leads the development team working on the digital successors.

Field of Glory II: Medieval is all about the details, featuring over 100 fully animated, historically authentic unit models, which can be seen in over 50 army lists drawn from 29 nations that were active during this time period. It features ‘campaigns’, which will be a string of tactical battles woven together with a core narrative, as well as other modes such as quick battle, custom battles, and individual historical scenarios. Everything is available to play solo – versus a no-nonsense AI – or online multiplayer.

If you want to get a more succinct summary, check out the launch video:

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There are also many technical improvements to FOG2 Medieval versus its predecessor, but it might be better to let someone with a little more expertise tell you about that. Our newly relaunched sister website – The Wargamer – already has a full Field of Glory II: Medieval review ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have, we highly recommend you give it a read.

To summarise Bill’s thoughts from his review:

“Perhaps the biggest recommendation is this: my first love is miniatures, but right now I have at least half a dozen armies on the shelf, still in the plastic bags they filled on the day I bought them. Because of this game and product line, not one of them will ever see a paintbrush.”

Field of Glory II: Medieval is out for PC via Steam and the Slitherine store.