FIFA 15 demo out now, containing many ways to celebrate putting balls in nets


If you want to take FIFA 15 and the new Ignite Engine for a spin, then you’re in luck, because you can now download the demo and kick all of those balls into those nets and get points for doing so. 

But what happens when you kick a ball into a net? Well, you celebrate. And apparently previous FIFA games did not offer the breadth of celebration options that FIFA 15 does. You can learn how to pull of these super moves in a new video tutorial from EA.

I don’t know what to make of this at all.

The Old Man? Do old people struggling to walk hold an elevated position in the cult of football?

And what’s with all the rage being unleashed on those flags. Are they the enemy? Are we meant to hate the flags? I honestly thought people liked flags; they are always waving them about.

Clearly the best celebration of the bunch is the Right Here Right Now. It starts of simple, almost understated. There’s pointing, to nipples, to the ground and then BOOM. Here I am. A man who has scored a goal. Revel in my glorious light.