FIFA 17 story mode debuted in new Journey trailer


FIFA 17 is coming, surprising nobody. It has a story mode, which is a bit more of a shocker. After leaking earlier in the day, EA have now put a trailer for it fully live. It introduces hero Alex Hunter, who can play for any premier league club though here gets a spot with Manchester United. Lucky git.

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Exactly what happens in the story isn’t clear, but it looks to be a tale of betrayal and fear – everything I personally associate with football, anyway.

How this sequence of cutscenes will play out, or how Hunter will be controlled as things progress, we also don’t know. It’s not the first time a game like this has featured a storymode, with the NBA games from 2K regularly featuring the zero-to-hero tale of a single player. It’s FIFA’s first foray in that direction though.

Expect to see a little more explanation at EA’s press conference in just about an hour. How much sports will we have to sit through this time? My bet’s on 30 minutes.