FIFA 18’s gameplay trailer shows off even sexier footballing


FIFA 18 made its regular appearence at E3 this year with the usual batch of new features from EA’s sporting minds. Here’s what’s changed for the new edition.

EA’s show is ongoing – check out the EA Play stream here.

There’s a whole new animation model on display which uses tracking technology to give players more personality. Poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo is the prime example, with his in-game persona now showing off his signature style and flair. Dribbling is getting another touch-up as a central part of this.

The YouTube description also mentioned “dramatic moments” and “immersive atmospheres” as new features, presumably referring to the much nicer stadiums on display in the footage. Crowds look a lot more real now, and their excitement could affect those on the pitch.

Expect to hear more as the game heads towards release on September 26.