De Ligt FIFA 19: stats, overall, and potential for Matthijs de Ligt

With the Dutch centre back set to move to Juventus, we take a look at Matthijs de Ligt’s recent FIFA 19 stats

de ligt fifa 19 rating

What are the FIFA 19 stats for Matthijs de Ligt? Solid defenders are beginning to fetch as much money on the transfer market as superstar strikers, and after Matthijs de Ligt’s impressive Champions League campaign with Ajax it was only a matter of time before he moved to a bigger league. Serie A champions Juventus have had the perfect chance to see what Netherlands centre back is capable of, as the 19-year-old scored the winning goal for Ajax against Juventus, dumping the Torinese giants out of the Champions League.

The move isn’t official just yet, but as the stats in Fifa 19 are updated quite often we have a pretty accurate picture of how Matthijs de Ligh will perform for the Black and Whites in FIFA 19. On top of that, there are also a few iterations of De Ligt available in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), which we’ll dip into to give you a better idea of the defender’s potential further down the line.

These stats are based on Matthijs de Ligt’s standard FIFA 19 rating, as updated on July 11, 2019, so these may differ a little when the game is next updated.

Matthijs de Ligt Fifa 19 stats

So what can you expect from the Dutch wonderkid? De Ligt can clearly bring a lot to Juventus, with an overall of 85 and potential of 93, which makes him one of the best possible centre backs in the game – he’s just shy of the top ten Fifa 19 centre backs.

Of course, Juventus already have two of the best central defenders in the sport in the form of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, but Matthijs de Ligt offers a lot more in terms of physical stats than the two Italians. He’s not quite as strong, but he’s generally much faster and boasts much better shooting stats – perhaps not what you want from a defender, but versatility goes a long way.

De Ligt also has 11 stats over 80, making him very well-rounded and reliable. Additionally, two-star skill moves and a four-star weak foot rating put him on par with Leonardo Bonucci.

Physical Shooting Ball Skills Defence Mental
Acceleration 62 Heading 84 Ball control 74 Marking 85 Aggression 80
Stamina 75 Shot Power 82 Dribbling 66 Slide Tackle 80 Reactions 82
Strength 88 Finishing 50 Standing Tackle 85 Att. Position 44
Balance 69 Long Shots 64 Interceptions 82
Sprint Speed 72 Curve 48 Vision 63
Agility 56 FK Acc. 55 Composure 83
Jumping 84 Penalties 40
Volleys 40

With such an impressive year in 2019, Matthijs de Ligt has also claimed a few different FUT cards, which offer a glimpse at his potential. For his Team of the Season (TOTS) FUT card, Matthijs de Ligt secured a 95 overall rating, with 95 Defence, 96 Physical, 83 Pace and Dribbling, 88 Passing, and a 78 Shooting stat comprised of 99 Shot Power and 82 Long Shots.

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While those may not impress when compared to the overall stats of his Italian colleagues, with a potential overall rating of 93, Matthijs de Ligt could easily become the best defender in your squad.