How good would Everton Soares be in FIFA 19? Stats and best attributes for Cebolinha

Gremio’s star winger is rumoured to join Arsenal this summer, so we converted his Football Manager 2019 stats into FIFA 19

everton soares in fifa 19

What stats does Everton Soares have in FIFA 19? Like a number of Brazilian players in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Everton Soares is missing from FIFA 19, so there are no official stats for the technically gifted forward in FIFA 19. However, Football Manager 2019 does have stats on Gremio’s star player of the 2018/19 season, so we’ve converted them over to FIFA 19’s stats in case Everton Cebolinha arrives in EA’s football game.

Why would Everton Soares make it to FIFA 19 or 20? It’s looking increasingly likely that the Copa America 2019 star will move to either Arsenal or Atlético Madrid during the summer transfer window. So, if you’re curious to know what kind of player ‘The Little Onion’ is and whether you’ll want to add him to your squad in FIFA 19, we’ve taken the stats from Football Manager 2019 and converted them over to FIFA’s player ratings so you can get an idea of what Everton offers.

Football Manager has always had impressively realistic stats for its players and has accurately predicted the rise of a number of wonderkids, but our findings aren’t exactly promising for Soares.

Everton Soares FIFA 19 stats

We’ve taken the base stats for Gremio’s Everton Soares in Football Manager 2019 and done our best to translate them into FIFA 19. Of course, if the deal does go through and Everton only appears in FIFA 20, then there’s a chance his stats will be significantly higher as they’ll reflect his success both at Gremio and for the Brazilian national football team in 2019, so take this with a pinch of salt.

Physical Shooting Ball Skills Defence Mental
Acceleration 78 Heading 44 Ball Control 79 Marking 41 Aggression 34
Stamina 70 Shot Power 55 Dribbling 80 Slide Tackle 31 Reactions 70
Strength 48 Finishing 71 Standing Tackle 36 Att. Position 73
Balance 61 Long Shots 61 Interceptions 49
Sprint Speed 74 Curve 53 Vision 68
Agility 78 FK Acc. 36
Jumping 46 Penalties 56
Volleys 71

As you can see the only strong stats of Everton’s that you’ll want to consider him for are dribbling, ball control, and speed – these are ideal characteristics for a forward. His average crossing ability will make it difficult to accurately ping balls into the box from out wide though, and you definitely don’t want Soares on set-pieces.

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If Everton does sign for a team like Arsenal then it’s difficult to see exactly where you could fit him into the squad, especially with strong and promising wingers like Alex Iwobi and Ainsley Maitland-Niles starting regularly for the Gunners.