This pro football player is out to prove he’s better than his terrible FIFA 19 rating

Kevin Ellison of Morecambe F.C. wants to prove his FIFA 19 rating isn't good enough

Kevin Ellison is a midfielder for Morecambe F.C., a League Two team in Lancashire. If you’re an entirely soccer – I mean football-ignorant American like me, that means the team is essentially fourth tier. Morecambe’s not an especially notable team, but its players – including Ellison – are all fully represented in FIFA 19. But Ellison’s in-game pace rating is worse than all of his teammates, and he’s out to prove that speed score wrong.

Ellison’s pace rating is a fairly abysmal 35, and the 39-year-old pro doesn’t feel that matches reality. “I think that’s a bit unfair,” he tells Boston public radio station WBUR. “I think there’s a bit of ageism there, where they’ve gone against me ’cause I’m nearly 40.”

Back in November, Ellison partnered with the team’s social media guy to put out a video. “We wear GPS monitors every day in training to tell us how fast we’re running – the coverage, the kilometers we run. We get the scores put up daily.” That video has Ellison boast faster real-life speeds than any of his teammates who have better FIFA ratings.

It’s unclear exactly how serious Ellison is about this, and his tone in the video is certainly a bit tongue-in-cheek. But there’s a part of me that certainly wants to see EA shuffle up the scores next year in response to all of this.

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FIFA 19’s best players top out with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and though I doubt we’ll see Ellison compete at those scales, maybe we can at least see him get a little bit over on his teammates.