FIFA 19’s Journey mode can be played in any order, but you’ll shape the final outcome

fifa 19 story mode play any order

FIFA 19 looks to develop The Journey story mode that was introduced with FIFA 18, with new supporting characters, overlapping storylines, and big decisions for the player to make along the way that will affect the final outcome of the story.

Speaking at Gamescom 2018, lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera explains that The Journey mode is “quite different from last year, and probably the most important thing is that the decisions you will make will shape your story… There’s a very big decision in the path you’ll be taking.” You’ll also have make a number of key choices when the three main characters cross paths. “At some points when their paths connect you’ll have to make certain decisions that will have a big impact on the final story that you’ll experience,” says Rivera.

Those two supporting characters are Danny Williams, a Premier League player who’s been asked to play in a position he’s struggled with in the past, and Kim Hunter, a recent high school finisher who’s going to be invited to the US National Team to play in the Women’s World Cup.

The Journey in FIFA 19 can be played in any order, too. “You will be able to play each story, and then jump between those stories at any time you want. There’s a recommended path you that can take, which is the optimal experience – so you see all the cinematics in order – but you can play any way you want.”

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In the FIFA 19 Gamescom trailer, which you can watch above, we see a few instance where the three character clash, most notably at the end, where Alex Hunter plays against Danny Williams. The trailer also shows Alex Hunter interacting with Kevin De Bruyne and Neymar, so personally I’m excited to see how good the world class footballers are at acting.