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FIFA 20 players want fixes for career mode, but EA says patches “won’t be immediate”

Fixing career mode will take some time

FIFA 20 is upon us, but conversation around the annual football sim has been dominated by the call to “fix career mode.” Players aren’t happy with the mode’s limited features and numerous bugs – many of which have remained in the series for years – and those calls for fixes have gone trending across social media.

A big list of issues is up on Reddit, and the problems are pretty far-reaching. One of the most notable is that top teams aren’t fielding their top players, so even when you face the best clubs, the AI sends out reserves and substitutes, which makes all your matches pitifully easy. That’s bad enough as a one-off problem – but FIFA regulars say it’s been an issue for years.

“Let me say that the team is aware and prioritizing fixes for this area,” FIFA community lead Corey Andreas says on Twitter, “and have been successful in identifying some of the issues. In terms of an ETA or exact changes, I can’t provide that yet, but also want to be transparent and say it won’t be immediate.”

The creator of that Reddit thread, SpookyMulder, sums up the tone of the community’s complaints while speaking to Eurogamer. “As the game started gravitating towards FIFA Ultimate Team, EA started to neglect Career Mode so much that previous editions that are five or seven years old are miles ahead of where we are now.”

SpookyMulder says “Our cries for patches and change have fallen on deaf ears. The community has been grossly neglected.”

It looks like some fixes are coming, but it seems we’ll be waiting quite a while to see exactly how extensive they are.