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FIFA 21 adds input overlay options in latest patch

Now you can see exactly how you fat-fingered that missed cross

There’s a new update out today for FIFA 21 that adds a feature that’s commonly used in fighting game training software – the input overlay. Now you have the option of displaying a diagram that shows exactly which buttons were pressed when, both by you and by your opponent.

FIFA 21 Update 11 makes a whole list of changes and tweaks to the football game, but the input overlay is probably the most notable new feature to show up in some time. You’ll see overlays like this used in many FIFA 21 YouTube videos, so the pros can more easily demonstrate the inputs they’re using during specific moves. It’s one thing to know which button presses to combine, but it’s another thing to understand the rhythm and speed needed to trigger the specific move or combo, and the overlay shows you exactly when each input is pressed.

There are three settings for the input overlay. You can turn it off completely, of course. You can also choose to display a controller diagram that shows your own inputs only. The third option is to show controller diagrams and inputs both for you and the inputs “processed by a FIFA Game Data Center and your network,” meaning what it’s reading from your online opponent.

You can find the settings for input overlay in the Game Settings under the Visual tab.

The full patch notes for Title Update 11 can be found on the FIFA Forums. The update fixes some incorrect displays for things like end-of-match FIFA Ultimate Team coin skill rewards calculations and background players remaining on screen after viewing the captain’s squad – all pretty normal stuff. We’re happy about this input overlay option though – knowing exactly how we mangled the controller when we miss our next shot on goal will be valuable data indeed.

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