Futwiz now has an official FIFA 21 kit for wear in-game – or around the house

The FIFA esports team and community organisation now has its own player kit, and you can pick it up in game or buy a real one to w

Futwiz, the one-stop shop for all things FIFA Ultimate Team, now has its very own FIFA 21 kit for wear in-game. The kit features Futwiz’s distinctive lime green accents on black, and looks great with black socks and green boots to match. It’s currently available in FIFA 21 – and you’ll be able to order your own pretty soon, too.

Futwiz is a FIFA Ultimate Team fan community that lets users browse player databases, build squads, open packs, and run drafts from the comfort of their browser windows, and it fields its own FIFA esports team as well. The company says last year’s Team Futwiz kit was worn by hundreds of thousands of players in tens of millions of matches – and further suggests that players have ascribed some good luck properties to it.

The Team Futwiz kit is back for FIFA 21, and hopefully some of that good luck comes with it. Futwiz has also announced that it is renewing its partnership with streaming hardware manufacturer Elgato (and it’s a Network-N partner, too).

For devoted fans of the football game site, the most exciting part of the announcement may be the news that the Team Futwiz kit – or at least the jersey – will be available to wear in real life this year.

That’s right, you’ll soon be able to own your own Team Futwiz shirt, which Futwiz’s FIFA 21 esports pros will be wearing on camera.

In-game, you’ll have both a black short-sleeve version as a home kit, and the long-sleeved green top for the goalkeeper’s kit. Both are sharp-looking pieces of gear, with some nice subtle detailing in the printing and patterned, elastic knit cuffs.

Head to the official Futwiz site for more information, or to start building your dream FUT squad.