FIFA 23 players spot new skill move to “abuse”

FIFA 23 players have spotted a skill move in the game’s reveal trailer which could become the go-to ploy when it comes to frustrating opponents online

Mbappe from FIFA 23

FIFA 23’s reveal trailer was released last week by EA, with the football follow-up’s launch date set for September 30, giving players plenty of time to get to grips with the improved animation system and cross-platform play before the Qatar World Cup. A more subtle new addition has caught fan’s eyes, however, in the form of a tricky, but potentially very exploitable, five-star skill move.

As reported by Sport Bible, the trailer for FIFA 23 shows Atletico Madrid wunderkind Joao Felix executing some extremely fancy, and very difficult to counter, heel and footwork, whereby he approaches a defender, makes a faux back heel with his right foot, then controls the ball on his right and nudges it into space before running to catch it up. It looks hard, like the tornado spin or triple elastico, but for FIFA 23 players who have already mastered the five-star skills, this will likely be simple to learn, and add another, powerful bit of trickery to their arsenals. You can see it for yourself in the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Players have already shared the new move on Twitter, saying it’s something that they plan to “abuse”, so if you’re having a hard time earning a metaphorical three points in FIFA already, don’t expect life to get any easier.

This will be the final game in the licensed FIFA series, as EA’s arrangement with the football governing body expires, and the developer plans to rebrand its football sim to EA Sports FC. As well as this pain-in-the-neck new skill move, FIFA 23 will feature the return of a fully licensed Juventus, and the option to play using women’s teams from the Barclay’s Super League and France’s Arkema 1. Inter fans might be disappointed, though, as their team’s licence has recently been bagged by FIFA’s struggling rival eFootball.