Best FIFA 23 cheap players in career mode

Finding the best FIFA 23 cheap players in career mode is vital if you’re strapped for cash, so here are seven options at different price points

Best FIFA 23 cheap players: Elliott Anderson playing for Newcastle United

The best FIFA 23 cheap players are crucial for your success unless you’ve gone with one of the few teams with seemingly bottomless money pits in career mode. Saving some cash is always helpful and while you may be able to snap up one of the best wonderkids for relatively cheap in the football game, these are the players you’ll want to spend your remaining budget on, alongside some of the top free agents who only demand a wage fee.

Some of these players will be great for you from the get-go, but others are an investment, as picking them up now for effectively pennies means you can sell them later down the line for big bucks, or keep them as a club hero for years to come. You’ll certainly want to employ the best formations and custom tactics alongside these bargains in FIFA 23, in order to get the most out of them.

Best cheap players to sign in career mode

‘Cheap’ is obviously relative to your budget, but here we’ve rounded up a selection of players who can add tremendous value to a range of different squads. Granted, purchasing Erling Haaland for £51 million could definitely be considered a bargain, but few clubs could manage it. Let’s look at some more palatable, lesser known options, starting with the most expensive.

Elliot Anderson – Newcastle United (approx. value £2.6M)

Premier League watchers may have spotted Elliot Anderson in recent weeks. The versatile midfielder is just starting to get some time off the bench for Eddie Howe’s Newcastle side, no mean feat when you consider the rapidly improving options the Magpies have.

Anderson is a great investment on FIFA 23, no matter the club size. Not only does he have a potential rating of 86, he can play anywhere across central midfield and on both wings. He has a 4-star weak foot and possesses an all-round game that makes him extremely useful in different situations.

Best FIFA 23 cheap players: Luka Romero playing for Latium

Luka Romero – Lazio/Latium (approx. value £2.2M)

Keep an eye on this 17-year-old attacking midfielder, who already has incredible 86-rated agility and 84-rated balance stats in FIFA 23. He has racked up a number of substitute appearances for Lazio and Mallorca in real-life, underlining a tidy investment for those who have a couple of million spare.

Romero is a leaner alternative to Anderson, but can also slot into the middle or on either flank. He is a tidy player who is already equipped to play a key role for lower league sides before his inevitable growth if you nurture him with proper game time.

Mateus Fernandes – Sporting (approx. value £1.8M)

A real gem for those who love to use technical players. Mateus Fernandes is a 17-year-old playmaker who brings great flair, agility and control to the pitch. His attacking work-rate from CAM also ensures he busts a gut to get into the box and will put himself into dangerous positions when gaps open up.

To round him off, the Portuguese youngster already has 4-star skills and weak foot. Squint, and you may see namesake Bruno Fernandes starting to emerge.

Best FIFA 23 cheap players: Noah Mbamba playing for Club Brugge

Noah Mbamba – Club Brugge (approx. value £1.3M)

For those looking to add a youthful spark to their defence, look no further than 17-year-old Noah Mbamba. With a low transfer fee and wages amounting to less than £500 per week on FIFA 23, it’s surprising to see the centre-back’s potential reach 84 overall.

Even better, he already has some key stats that makes him ripe to excel in the game’s physical style of play. Mbamba’s speed, jumping and strength are in the 70s right from the off.

Not many defenders of his age can match this output and he’s already dominant enough to be a leader for smaller sides.

Sidney Raebiger – SpVgg Greuther Furth (approx. value £1M)

It’s not easy to become the youngest debutant in Red Bull Leipzig’s history. Last year, German youngster Sidney Raebiger appeared for the Bundesliga side at just 16 years and 112 days old. While he was transferred to the second division in the summer, his potential remains at an impressive 84 on FIFA 23.

The midfielder is even more enticing when you add in his minimal wages, which should make him accessible to sides who work on a snip. Raebiger is an efficient player who is great for maintaining possession with his quality short passing and composure stats.

His medium work-rates also ensure he’s remarkably disciplined and a great addition to your team if there’s another midfielder you want to let off the chain.

Guillaume Restes – Toulouse (approx. value £600,000)

How about a cheap goalkeeper with high potential for your squad? Guillaume Restes is just the person for you. His 84-rated potential is worth considering no matter your club size, especially as he’s available for such a measly fee.

All of Restes’ key goalkeeping stats rank in the 60s when career mode begins. They will consistently ramp up with minutes and adequate training.

Best FIFA 23 cheap players: Cristian Riqeulme's attributes

Cristian Riquelme – Everton de Vina del Mar (approx. value £525,000)

Quick and strong for his age, left-back Cristian Riquelme is well worth a look on FIFA 23. He is cheap for an 18-year-old whose potential can reach 83, particularly considering he’s a solid all-rounder who already has a number of important stats in the 70s bracket.

It’s also difficult to lose money on this teenager, but he could quickly become too expensive for tighter budgets if you don’t snap him up early.

For more bargains, it’s worth keeping an eye on the regens FIFA 23 produces as career mode ticks along. Quite often there is insane value to be had, and they are often easier to sign than talent who are already making waves at another club. Alternatively, if you’re looking to fill a hole in the middle of the pitch, look towards our best FIFA 23 midfielders guide for some ideas.