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The best FIFA 23 free agents to sign in career mode

The best FIFA 23 free agents could be the difference to your club, especially in the early game as you manage your budget, so these are the ones worth signing

Best FIFA 23 free agents: Salah taking a shot at goal

The best FIFA 23 free agents are plentiful in EA’s last joint venture with the football game. Eager fans will have had their eye on potential signings for their career mode teams since pre-release, but sometimes in the interests of budgeting, it’s good to keep an eye on the best free agents in the game. We’ve been realistic with this list, keeping it to the players on a similar wage to the entry-level leagues, or ones who are likely to take a small cut.

A free agent is a player that is not currently signed to any club, so is available to transfer to yours immediately. This means that no transfer fee will be needed for these players. However, you must keep an eye on your budget and make sure that their wages are affordable, especially if you’re managing in the lower leagues or you’re on a strict transfer budget.

The best free agents in FIFA 23

Often, whilst scouting for free agents, you’ll find some with promising statistics or potential for an absolute steal of a weekly wage. We’ve included a variation of players here to suit all budgets, with a focus on the bargains to be found amongst the lists.

Best FIFA 23 free agents: Alfredo Talavera

Alfredo Talavera

At 39 years old, Talavera is nearing the older end of what you’d ideally look for in a player. However, with an impressive potential of 79 and all of his statistics in goalkeeping near the 80 mark, you’d do well to snap him up. His experience in the Mexican national team, especially in the run up to the World Cup, gives him fantastic strength and reflexes, whilst his handling is just outstanding at a huge 82. At £9k a week, Talavera’s experience and statistics make him great value for money.

Best FIFA 23 free agents: Callum McGowan

Callum McCowatt

The New Zealand born midfielder has a potential of 68, and when he’s valued at almost a million with a modest weekly wage of £3.5k, he’s well worth keeping an eye on. He’s most recently been with Danish 1st Division club FC Helsingør, but now that he’s a free agent his great skill moves and impressive stamina make him a valuable asset.

Roberto Alvarado

Youngster Alvarado is only 23, and yet his potential of 77 is hugely promising. The right-winger’s physical statistics excel, reaching into the early 80s. He also does have the sought after trait of long shot taker, which is desirable and a great addition to any team. His skill moves and weak foot are both outstanding, and he comes with the technical dribbler, playmaker and long shot taker traits, all of which add to his value. His weekly wage will set you back around £14k, but for these statistics he’s worth a shot.

Best FIFA 23 free agents: Alexis Vega

Alexis Vega

At £16.5million, Vega is definitely the most valuable option on this free agents list. Vega has a massive potential of 83 and very respectable well-rounded statistics that regularly reach the mid 80s. At 24, he has plenty of time to develop and thrive after signing to your club. His weekly £18k wage is slightly more expensive than anyone else here, but that’s reflected in his potential and impressive statistics. The Mexican is currently on his national team and plays the diverse attacking midfielder position.

Saeed Ahmed

Ahmed is an absolute steal. Aged just 28 he has plenty of time to settle in and become a valuable addition to any Career Mode team. Whilst his potential is a modest 62, his weekly wage is under £5k, barely making a dent in the team budget. His physical statistics are all in the early 70s, making Ahmed a bargain and a valuable asset given time to develop.

Juan Mata

Mata has age catching up to him, meaning he won’t be around in the team for too long but his £3.5million valuation reflects his experience and ability. Having shared the pitch with the likes of Rooney and Drogba, Mata’s statistics have become well-rounded with him especially thriving in his balance and composure – meaning he’s a great asset for those high pressure situations. The Spanish national has a weekly wage requirement of £56k though, so this isn’t a suitable signing for the teams with a very modest budget.

Best FIFA 23 free agents: Guillermo Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa

Ochoa has an incredible potential of 80 and is a bargain that must be snapped up for any team. His skills do need work, but his weak foot performs well. At 36, he’s nearing the end of his career but who could say no when his weekly wage is just £11k? Given his goalkeeper position too, he’s definitely worth looking into with impressive diving statistics of 82.

Kevin Álvarez

Álvarez is just 23 years old, and has his career ahead of him. Already performing at an overall rating of 73, his potential is a huge 80, and his weekly wage will set you back £11k, but his good skills and great weak foot performance justify his wage easily. With agility and tackling skills in the high 70s, he’s worth a look.

Milad Juric

Juric has an impressive potential of 79 and his £500 weekly wage is laughably cheap for his ability. Juric is just 17, so could easily have made it on to our wonderkids list but as a free agent, he’s definitely worth the signing.

Ibrahim Danlad

Danlad’s weekly £2.1k wage is modest, yet his potential of 79 and young age of 19 mean he’s worth watching. This goalkeeper has impressive handling and reflex statistics, and with the lack of affordable, decent goalkeepers on offer in this year’s game, he’s definitely a great signing.

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