How to griddy in FIFA 23

Styling on your opponent after scoring a worldy is the cherry on top of the cake, cementing your world class status, so you better know how to griddy in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 how to griddy: a player celebrates after scoring a goal

Wondering how to griddy in FIFA 23? The dance, now in the football game for the first time, was first seen in the NFL, then rose in popularity after it was featured in Fortnite, with Christian Pulisic performing the celebration after scoring in the Champions League. It sees the player shuffling their feet while swinging their arms, eventually bringing their hands to their face with an ‘OK’ symbol.

Celebrating in FIFA 23 is a dark art, striking that fine line between boasting without trolling your opponent. It can break anyone’s composure if done correctly, and as we know, half the battle is inside your foe’s mind. With that said, this is what you need to know about how to griddy in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 griddy button combination

After scoring a goal and the celebrations commence, hold down the right trigger and flick the right analogue stick up twice. If you’ve done the inputs correctly, the griddy shall commence. The only exception to this is if you scored with Christian Pulisic, as the griddy is his default celebration, so simply tapping X or square will suffice. Anthony Elanga has also performed the celebration in a match if you fancy recreating more real life moments.

There is a full list of celebrations and their button prompts in the FIFA 23 help menu, along with a complete breakdown of skill moves. If you’re concentrating on completing the Moments section of FUT then you’ll need a full repertoire of skills under your belt, like how to do the McGeady spin, for instance.

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