How to do the FIFA 23 McGeady Spin

The FIFA 23 McGeady spin is a manoeuvre you need to know in order to complete the Mbappe Rising Star challenge, so here’s how to perform the skill in-game

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin Tutorial: A football player spins away from a defender

The FIFA 23 McGeady spin is a skill that can get you out of a tight spot, and it’s also a requirement for the Mbappe Rising Star Moments challenge. The skill was popularised by ex-Everton winger Aiden McGeady, and sees the player turning a circle with the ball, exiting at a 90-degree angle, and accelerating out of the spin to the point where, if performed correctly in the football game, the defender just cannot follow.

The Moments section of FIFA Ultimate Team can be a great way to earn free packs – and potentially some FIFA 23 Icons – for what is essentially just completing a bunch of tutorials. This McGeady spin challenge is an example of how they get more complicated as you go along though, so if you’re wondering exactly how to perform the skill move, you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t just relevant to Ultimate Team either, as you can take your newfound talent into Career Mode or Pro Clubs too.

FIFA 23 McGeady Spin tutorial

There are two different ways for you to execute a McGeady spin in FIFA 23, depending on which direction you want to exit. The spin itself will see the player exit the skill move at a 90-degree angle from the way they were initially facing, and this is reflected in the analog stick inputs required. The most important thing to note before you attempt this, however, is that it can only be done by players with four or five-star skill moves.

Here’s how to perform a McGeady spin:

  • Flick the right analog stick in the direction the player is facing
  • Then flick the right analog stick at a 90-degree angle either left or right

For example, if the player is facing directly up, the first flick of the right analog stick would be upwards, then if you wanted to spin left, simply flick the right stick left. The video embedded below is from FIFA 22, but is the same method you need to employ here.

YouTube Thumbnail

An effective use of the McGeady spin in a match would be if you’re running up either wing with your player. Shaking your defender is paramount in these situations, and being able to change direction in an instant is vitally important – using the McGeady spin at a full sprint means that the defender won’t have enough time to react to the change in direction.

You’ll need at least a four-star skiller to perform this spin, but with the upcoming FIFA 23 Icons, Heroes, and even OTW cards, there shouldn’t be too much of a dearth in player ability. If you need to stack packs up to give yourself a better chance at pulling one of those special cards, you should complete the FIFA 23 Around The World and First XI SBCs as they’ll both give you the best chance at pulling a special card.