The best FIFA 23 midfielders to sign in career mode

The best FIFA 23 midfielders act as the glue that will hold your career mode team together so here’s a list of the best CDMs, CMs, and CAMs at every price point

Best FIFA 23 midfielders: Jude Bellingham celebrating a goal

The best FIFA 23 midfielders will help take your career mode team to new heights thanks to their ability in the middle of the pitch. Whether you’re playing as Manchester City or Rochdale, the right midfielder will make a world of difference. Picking out the best midfield options for your squad can be tricky but if you know where to look you can find some hidden gems in the football game and some star signings.

Thankfully, there are plenty of quality midfield assets in FIFA 23 career mode across the CDM, CM, and CAM positions at all price points that can add that extra bit of passing ability, work rate, and defensive stability to your team that is so sorely required to take your team to the top. These are the best midfielders in FIFA 23 to sign in career mode – though it’s worth saying we’ve left out the really obvious choices like Kevin De Bruyne and Leon Goretzka, because everybody already knows about them.

Best FIFA 23 midfielders: Jude Bellingham taking a shot with the outside of his boot

Best midfielders £50m+

The best of the best. These midfielders are available to purchase for your career mode team when you have the finances available. These are the players to look out for if you’re looking to upgrade your midfield options playing as a team in and around the top (or a team you’ve risen through the doldrums of the lower leagues).

Jude Bellingham

Borussia Dortmund and England’s young midfield dynamo is arguably the best CM you can add to your FIFA 23 career mode squad. With a base rating of 84, the 19-year-old midfielder is your go-to all-round midfield maestro thanks to high attacking and defensive work rates, engine specialty, and impressive passing and dribbling stats. What’s more, Bellingham has a potential of 91. All this comes with a value of £70.5m and surprisingly low expected wages of £35k a week. Don’t be put off by his £133.9m release clause, we managed to sign him for just over £90m.

Florian Wirtz

Another 19-year-old, Bayer Leverkusen’s German CAM carries a market value of £56.5m and wage expectations of just £32.5k a week. Wirtz has a high potential ceiling of 91, too, meaning he’ll add quality to your midfield and attack for many digital seasons to come. That 85 agility and 86 dribbling look too good to turn down. Pedri of Barcelona is another great pick at this price point.

Best FIFA 23 midfielders: Franck Kessie with the ball

Best midfielders £20-£50m

The best midfielders in FIFA 23 between £20 and £50m will improve any team. These are the slightly cheaper options that will add quality and strength in depth to the teams at the top and those looking to add a big upgrade in midfield. It’s surprising what quality you can find for under £50m.

Franck Kessié

With a market value of £41m and wage demands of £140k a week, the 25-year-old Ivorian CDM is a must-sign. His overall rating of 84 and potential of 86 don’t do his impressive stats justice. With both strength and engine abilities, Kessié is set to run your midfield and crunch into tackles for seasons to come without ever running out of steam.

Manuel Locatelli

The 24-year-old Italian CDM/CM has base overall stats of 82 and potential to rise to 86. The defensive playmaker has impressive passing stats and boasts 90 stamina so he should be good to start nearly every match and fit in with practically every team you can think of. With a market value of £34m and wage expectations of £82k a week, too, he’s surprisingly affordable. He is on loan at Juventus, though, meaning you’ll need to wait a season before trying to sign him.

Enzo Fernández

A real coup with a market value of £27m and low wage demands of just £9.7k a week, Argentine CM Enzo Fernández is a steal. His base rating of 78 is already solid, and at just 21, he has plenty of room to grow with a potential rating of 87. This all-round midfielder should be a perfect fit for any team that has just made the top flight or is looking for quality additions when playing in European competition.

Best FIFA 23 midfielders: Sabitzer taking on a player with the ball

Best midfielders £5-£20m

The best midfielders in FIFA 23 career mode between £5 and £20m will be those with good base stats already, as well as having high ceilings. Below are players that will improve your midfield for years to come.

Nicolò Rovella

With a market value of £11.5m and wage requirements of £26.5k a week, Rovella is a bargain in CM. The 20-year-old Italian’s base stats of 75 are decent enough as is, but his potential of 88 is too good to ignore. As a player on loan, though, you’ll need to wait for a full season to try and transfer Rovella into your squad but it will be worth it as he should perform well in any position.

Marcel Sabitzer

The Austrian international is 28, so he has a few seasons left in his legs yet. This is good because, with a market value of £18m and a wage requirement of £58k, you’ll want him in your team for a while. His base rating is 80, with no potential to improve, but he adds tons of quality as a CM and CAM. That 85 shot power of his is no joke, and neither is his 85 long shot stat.

Gianluca Busio

The 20-year-old American CM plies his trade in Italy with Venezia and is a must-buy for any fledgling top-flight team or lower-league side with some cash to burn and a need for agility in the middle of the pitch. With a value of £6.5m and wage demands of £3k a week, Busio could be something of a bargain thanks to base stats of 73 and the potential to rise to 86.

Best FIFA 23 midfielders: Alex Scott receiving the ball in the air

Best midfielders under £5m

The best FIFA 23 midfielders under £5m will be young players with bags of potential. Sure, you can sign an older player for a quick fix, but that’s not as exciting and the rewards are not as long-lasting. If you’re really lucky, however, you might just find a complete bargain in free transfers.

Alex Scott

This Bristol City youngster is an amazing prospect. The 18-year-old CAM has a base overall stat of 69, with the potential to rise to 87. With a market value of just £3m and wage demands of £4.7K a week, he’s the perfect midfield signing for any up-and-coming team or those looking to add some quality youth to an aging top flight side.

Carlos Rodríguez

This 25-year-old Mexican CAM is a free agent with wage demands of £33.5k a week, although you can probably negotiate that lower. We’d recommend that you act very quickly to bring him in, though, as his base stats are a solid 76 and he has the potential to rise to 81. Try to sign him up as soon as you begin your career mode otherwise he’ll be snapped up by a CPU-controlled team. Thanks to high attacking and defensive work rate stats, too, Carlos Rodríguez is a must for any team looking to add some quality depth in either the CAM or CM position.

Now that you know who the best FIFA 23 midfielders are for your career mode squad no matter your team’s financial situation, it’s time to get signing and improve your midfield with some quality and potential. If you’re looking for the best formations for your new midfielders, we’ve got you covered. The best wonderkids will help bolster your career mode squad for years to come, too.