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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs guide

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is the latest iteration of the 11v11 mode, and here’s a guide to everything you need to know about the popular but recently neglected mode

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: a player wheels away in celebration after scoring a goal

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is a mode that has been overlooked for years, with the forgotten football game co-op experience getting barely a handful of changes each time a new FIFA gets released. It’s a shame, really, because Pro Clubs has always had such huge potential, a full 11 v 11 game mode where teamwork is paramount is something you just can’t find anywhere else.

While FIFA 23 has included some tweaks to Pro Clubs this time around, with seasonal progression now transferring across to Volta, the changes aren’t going to mix things up too much. Could EA  possibly be waiting for EA Sports FC, the big rebrand coming next year, to revitalise Pro Clubs? Either way, here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: Volta training in action

Shared seasonal progression

Pro Clubs players now have the opportunity to earn points and rewards in Volta’s six-week seasonal cycle. Playing Pro Clubs matches will unlock seasonal progression points, which can then be spent in the street football mode. Rewards can be taken back to Pro Clubs and equipped on the pitch. Time to flaunt that blue afro once more.


A key fundamental change for drop-ins this year is the reduction of half length to four minutes. EA has decided to freshen up the excitement factor of hopping into open matches by speeding things up. The idea is to create more drama and glorious moments for players who are looking for a quick buzz.

Any extra time will now be Golden Goal in drop-in mode, providing the opportunity for individuals to grab the headlines and then quickly move on to the next game. However, there won’t be penalties after extra time, so no pressure kicks to keep your team in the running.

There will be eight Pro Clubs kits specifically for drop-ins, as well as a greater array of FIFA 23 stadiums to enjoy.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: some of the perk icons included in the game


EA has listened to community feedback when it comes to perks. FIFA 23 has ushered in many more levels of player growth, but crucially, less XP will be needed to advance between levels. We are now looking at maxing out at level 100, rather than 25. This makes progression feel more consistent, providing that burst of excitement when levelling up every few matches.

Perks will also be easier to obtain. Slots open quicker and players will be able to experiment earlier in their pro’s development cycle. Alongside this, four new perks will be available for those who are looking to change the way they play.

‘Chase Down’ is a defensive perk that will activate if you lose possession and are sprinting back towards your goal. It is quite often impossible to catch super pacey pros at the moment, so an extra boost in this area could be absolutely vital to cutting out those deadly counterattacks. ‘Interceptor’ also adds to your defensive arsenal. This will increase your pro’s effectiveness when blocking and trapping the ball when it’s in close proximity to your position.

‘Poacher’ is an attacking perk that triggers when you’re in the opposition’s box. Boosts are given to finishing, volleys, heading, and general shooting stats. This is likely to become essential for anyone who needs to be bagging the goals for their squad, as Pro Clubs gives little room to miss chances as you progress up the divisions.

Most interestingly, the new ‘Light Touches’ perk impacts your teammates instead of your pro. It allows them to trap and control your passes better, improving their first touch in make-or-break situations, such as when trying to free up space to score. This is an interesting idea and feels like it could spark the addition of a team chemistry system that is rooted within gameplay if it goes well.

Skill games

Are you tired of waiting for your friends to come online? Does their ‘I’ll be five minutes’ actually amount to an hour? EA wants to give you something to do in the lobby while you wait.

You can earn XP by playing an array of Skill Games against your buds. Leaderboards are included, so bragging rights between squads will be there for everyone to see. XP is dished out on a weekly basis and also links in with the seasonal progression system that’s now interlinked with VOLTA.

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Pro Clubs still isn’t getting the love it deserves, but these additions are at least moving in the right direction. For more footballing content, check out our FIFA 23 ratings guide and breakdown of chemistry on Ultimate Team.