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FIFA 23 Steam reviews dive as anti cheat error wracks EA football game

FIFA 23 Steam reviews make for harrowing reading as players of the EA football combat performance issues and the dreaded anti cheat error that prevents start-up

FIFA 23 Steam reviews dive as anti cheat error wracks EA football game: Dusan Vlahovic for Juventus in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Steam reviews offer a highly critical insight into the EA football game as players face performance and start-up issues, specifically regarding how to fix the FIFA 23 anti cheat error on PC.

Launching September 29, pick any FIFA 23 review on Steam and you’ll see they’re likely critical enough to grant the “mostly negative” tag on Valve’s storefront, with football game fans citing problems with lag, error messages, and the dreaded anti cheat issue. Though it’s still early days for EA’s latest, initial reaction to the game’s launch suggests the PC community is highly displeased.

“EA, you did it again,” writes one Steam reviewer “You messed up the launch, again. It is totally unacceptable that you charge almost 100 bucks for the Ultimate Edition that grants you three days early access…but launching the game three days early is basically a game of Russian roulette: either you are lucky as hell and the game launches and plays, or you are unlucky like thousands of consumers and get error messages, failing anti cheat, and whatever else there is preventing people from getting what they paid for. This is a complete slap in the face to your customers and something you should address immediately.”

“The cutscenes lag like crazy and even the gameplay feels laggy no matter which setting I choose,” writes another reviewer. “Plus the anti cheat is using around 30% CPU.” “Riddled with bugs,” explains a third Steam user. “I can’t actually play a full game due to the new anti cheat error. Should never have been released. EA never fails to disappoint. The crown has now been passed from Cyberpunk to FIFA.”

EA is yet to offer an official fix for the anti cheat error or other issues currently affecting FIFA 23, though given the fan response, it is likely the developer will consider an update or patch shortly following the PC launch.

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