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The best FIFA 23 wonderkids and young players to sign in career mode

FIFA 23 wonderkids are essential if you want to reach glory in career mode, and we’ve got a list of the best young players for all levels of club

FIFA 23 Wonderkids: Mbappe doing a skill move past the goalkeeper

FIFA 23 wonderkids are some of the youngest players in the game, demonstrating great potential at an early age. Adding a hidden gem to your team in career mode can make or break your game, and with the right development and time to mature these wonderkids will be hugely valuable assets in the football game.

Luckily, there are reams of younger players hidden within the lower leagues with huge potential that are well worth signing in FIFA 23. With dynamic potential now being introduced, signed players can reach well over their starting potential, but we’ve compiled this list based on players 21 and under with good starting potential. These are the best FIFA 23 wonderkids and young players to sign in career mode.

FIFA 23 wonderkids: Mason Mount chesting down the ball vs Man City

Premier League wonderkids

Cătălin Cîrjan

At just 19 years of age, the Romanian is unsurprisingly signed with Arsenal right now. His £1million price tag is a steal for his well-rounded statistics, making him one of the best FIFA 23 cheap players. Having an even split in attacking and defensive work rates means that Cirjan will be an asset at both ends of the pitch.

Rayan Aït Nouri

At £19.5million, we’re beginning to see some heavier price tags, which is unsurprising in the Premier League. The French national is at Wolverhampton Wanderers currently, showing off a starting potential of a huge 86 and being fairly well-balanced across all statistics.

Elliot Anderson

Anderson’s massive starting potential of 86 is in no way reflected in his steal of a price tag at £3.1million. He’s currently playing for Newcastle United as a CM, and his physical statistics alone are worth the price as he could become one of the best FIFA 23 midfielders if trained correctly. At an 85 balance, Anderson should be able to drive a ball across a field without issue.

Carney Chukwuemeka

British Chukwuemeka currently plays for Aston Villa, but for a very reasonable £2.1million you can sign him for your career mode team. At a starting potential of 86, the midfielder has well-rounded statistics and an even work rate for attacking and defending. At just 18, he’s one of the most valuable youngsters in the Premier League.

Malcolm Ebiowei

Whilst the game seems to place Ebiowei as a right midfielder, he’s actually a striker for Crystal Palace. His attacking work rate is high compared to his medium defensive work rate, but his starting potential of 78 reflects his strong physical attributes. At just £1.7million, he’s definitely one to watch.

Bryan Gil Salvatierra

The 20-year-old striker is playing at Tottenham Hotspur currently and has a slightly pricier tag on him at £20.5million. With a whopping 86 starting potential though, it’s easy to see why, and with well-rounded statistics that regularly reach into the mid to high 80s, he could be a game-changing addition to a career mode team.

Illan Meslier

At 22, Meslier almost didn’t make it onto this list as we’ve tried to stick to under-21s. However, as the youngest starting goalkeeper in the Premier League, he brings too much value to ignore for this list. He’s tall, with fantastic reflexes and a huge starting potential of 84. His price tag of £18.5million, for a goalkeeper, is reasonable value for money and his “saves with feet” trait is greatly sought after.

FIFA 23 wonderkids: Clausse shooting for Borussia Dortmund

Bundesliga wonderkids

Ryan Gravenberch

At a £39.5million fee, Gravenberch isn’t the cheapest wonderkid on the market, but compared to the likes of Haaland and Vinicius Jr, he’s a steal. You can find the 20-year-old midfielder at FC Bayern. With a starting potential of 89, the right-footed youngster could become an absolute beast on your team. Given the time to develop, he will be invaluable.

Giovanni Reyna

This American national has an impressive potential of 86. Found at Borussia Dortmund, his strengths lie in dribbling and acceleration which could lead to him outrunning the opposition easily. At just 19 years of age, the centre attacking midfielder also has great ball control and short passing stats. You can sign him to your career team for around £26 million.

Florian Wirtz

Another strong player in the CAM position, Wirtz is currently at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. With a massive 91 potential, Wirtz’s statistics excel strongly in the ball control, balance and vision areas, meaning he is being described by many as better than Chelsea midfielder Kai Havertz. He does come at a cost though, as Wirtz will set you back around £67.5million. However, if you’re playing for one of the clubs with big money, definitely check him out.

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Truly fantastic for value, coming in at the cheaper end of the list is Bynoe-Gittens at an exceptional £2.6million. With a potential of 87, he covers the left midfield and movement is his strongest area, with statistics for acceleration, agility and balance all far outshining many of the other options at his price point. You can find him currently at Borussia Dortmund.

Ligue 1 wonderkids

Mohamed Toure

The Australian national goes for less than a million, at a modest price point of £650k. The striker is playing at Stade de Reims with a potential of 75, but with the space to work on his skills, his already impressive statistics of strength and acceleration will only soar. His acceleration is a whopping 91, and the main reason he’s made it onto the wonderkids list. Having a striker that can break away at that impressive rate will be an invaluable addition to any career mode team.

Mariusz Fornalczyk

Right midfielder Fornalcyzk plays for Pogoń Szczecin. His modest £1.2million price tag is more than worth the outlay when you consider his acceleration at 90, spring speed at 87 and agility at 85 will make the Polish national a true challenge to catch on the pitch.

Nuno Mendes

Another of the slightly pricier options on the list, Mendes is available for around £38million before he joins your career team. The Portuguese left back is currently at Paris Saint-Germain, and brings impressive movement statistics to any team. For a left back, his defence is strong and will only thrive in any team and a potential of 88 is not to be disrespected.

Karamoko Dembélé

This list wouldn’t be complete without Dembélé. At just 19 years of age, the British right winger has a potential of 79, and a very modest price tag of £1.7million. His physical skills are where he really shines, with a huge agility stat of 90. Dembélé is currently playing at Stade Brestois 29.

Championship wonderkids

Thelo Aasgaard

This centre midfielder plays at Wigan Athletic currently, and has a potential of 74. His price tag of £1.3million means it’s definitely worth taking a chance on the Norwegian, and with his strong statistics in agility and balance he could easily grow with your career mode club.

Alex Scott

At just 18 years old, Alex Scott is one of the more expensive players on our Championship wonderkids list, going for around £3.5million. With a huge potential of 87, he’s being wasted at Bristol City. His well-rounded technical skills make him a no-brainer to sign.

Ayman Benarous

Another young 18-year-old, the British Benarous is currently playing with Bristol City alongside Scott. His 76 potential is respectful but where he really stands out is his agility and balance, both at 81. Sign him up for a very reasonable £825k.

Vaughn Covil

This 18-year-old American is playing for Hull City currently with a potential of 76. His 82 balance statistic is enough to rival some of the most expensive players in the Premier League, and the price tag of just £350k for him to join your career mode team is outstanding value for this talented youngster.

FIFA 23 wonderkids: Stevenage celebrating a goal

EFL League Two wonderkids

Teddy Jenks

For a price point of only £450k, Teddy Jenks has an impressive potential of 75. Jenks is a centre midfielder playing for Crawley Town, and has fairly well-rounded statistics making him a great choice for the midfielder position. Standing at 6’4, Teddy could develop the lengthy acceleration trait should you train his strength stats, making him an absolute powerhouse in the centre of the pitch.

Kelly N’Mai

Hailing from Holland and currently at Salford City, N’Mai has a modest potential of 69. However, with his physical skills reaching as high as 88 for acceleration and 90 for balance, his role as a right-wing player suits him well. His technical skills and heading need some work but for a price of £325k, he could be a really valuable addition to most career mode teams.

Major League Soccer (MLS) wonderkids

Thiago Almada

This Argentinian is playing for Atlanta United, with a massive potential of 87. His £20.5million price tag is far from the cheapest in the game, but when the midfielder’s statistics regularly creep up into the 90s, it’s definitely worth taking a look at him if you’ve got the budget to spare. Given time to find his feet, his 81 composure statistic could make him an unlikely fantastic choice to take penalties.

Süper Lig wonderkids

Gökdeniz Bayrakdar

Bayrakdar has a starting potential of 75 and has really great all-round statistics, perfect for his centre midfield playing position. He’s currently at Antalyaspor, and the Turkish national can be signed for around £1.9million.

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Ignoring the majority of the obvious, huge household names under 21, this extensive list of wonderkids for FIFA 23 should have your career mode teams feeling stronger than ever. If you’re playing Ultimate Team, our guide to the Around The World and First XI SBCs will help you complete the difficult challenges for cheap. Alternatively, if you want to see the best players in the entirety of the game, our FIFA 23 ratings guide is what you need.