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FIFA 23 World Cup mode release date, teams, and FUT content

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode is a celebration of the beautiful game’s most prestigious competition, and we’ve got details on the release date, teams, and more

FIFA 23 World Cup mode release date, teams, and FUT content: Sterling celebrates after scoring a goal

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode is the holy grail for every footballing nation and the most coveted prize in the international game. Winning the World Cup is considered the highest honour you can receive as a player, and now you can go for gold, too, when the football game turns international later this month.

With the FIFA 23 World Cup mode, you’ll be able to recreate past glories or carve your own path to immortality. With both quick play and Ultimate Team getting an overhaul, there’s no reason why you can’t get in on the party and take your favourite nation to the finals. Here is the FIFA 23 World Cup mode release date, and everything we know about its content.

FIFA 23 World Cup mode release date

To prepare players before the start of the actual tournament, the FIFA 23 World Cup mode will be released on November 9, 2022 way before Qatar and Ecuador kick off the festivities. The World Cup itself runs until December 18, with the FIFA 23 game mode expected to go on beyond that.

FIFA 23 World Cup mode content

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode will add free content to both the game’s quickplay and Ultimate team modes. For the purists amongst you, EA is adding a Tournament mode, whereby you can play as any of the 32 qualified nations in a complete recreation of the World Cup, going head to head with other players online, through the group stages and, hopefully, all the way to the final.

For single-player fans, the FIFA 23 World Cup mode will add Your FIFA World Cup, a more relaxed tournament mode, where you can change up the groups and qualifying nations. Key for those who want to rewrite history and power Italy to their fifth World Cup trophy.

FIFA 23 World Cup mode in Ultimate Team

The FIFA 23 World Cup mode is going to completely take over Ultimate Team when the current season ends on November 11, not only are there going to be a host of new, tournament-specific items released, but an ongoing swaps and rewards program, and two teams of World Cup FUT Heroes.

FIFA 23 World Cup swaps

You’ll be able to earn FIFA 23 World Cup swap tokens on November 11, using the FIFA World Cup player items that you can get out of packs and by completing SBCs. You will also receive a free swap for logging into Ultimate Team between the dates of November 11 and December 23.

The rewards for submitting swaps tokens will be packs, player picks, and FIFA World Cup star players, of which there will be at least one from each of the 32 qualifying nations.

FIFA 23 World Cup end of event rewards

Whenever you earn a FIFA 23 World Cup player item, the game will automatically track it, and depending on how many of these you can acquire during the event, you’ll be eligible for various end of event rewards. These rewards will be coins, packs, and player picks.

When do you get the pre-order FIFA 23 Hero?

EA has announced that the pre-order untradable FIFA 23 Hero pack will be available to players on November 11. This pack contains one untradable FIFA 23 Hero from either of the special World Cup teams.

FIFA 23 World Cup soundtrack

The World Cup mode on FIFA 23 comes with its own soundtrack, and it’s full of classic songs from years gone by. From Kids by MGMT to The Rockafellar Skank by Fatboy Slim, it celebrates the diverse selection of music the football game has used for over a decade.

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That’s everything we know about the FIFA 23 World Cup mode so far. Hosting a global tournament in November is a strange concept for football fans, but this glut of content for FIFA 23 will keep players grinding until the new year. If you’re a fan of football history, check out our FIFA 23 Icons guide and see which legend you can add to your team, and if you’re looking to stack packs up before the World Cup release, we have solutions to Around The World and First XI SBCs right here.