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Fifty Shades of Grey: Max Payne 3 Disorganized Crime Pack DLC out next week, brings with it black-and-white Noir Mode


You know when Max Payne 3 came out, and all of the critics gave it a zero because there was enough colour on show to have it stripped of its video game status? Poor Rockstar have been slaving night and day ever since as penance, and the result is the Disorganized Crime Pack, out on August 28th and purchasable for free pounds.

The Disorganized Crime Pack features a Noir Mode, which lets you play through the singleplayer story in the “signature black and white style of classic film noir”.

Elsewhere there are modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode, which include explosive rounds, a headshots only mode, and Lone Wolf AI – the latter a tweak that makes enemies far more aggressive. I would have named it after Max Payne 1’s loony-drug Valkyr, but whatever.

Oh! And there’s a new multiplayer map named Hoboken Rooftops. You can see more of that from Rockstar here.