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Fill robots, dinosaurs and demons with bullets in the Zombies Monsters Robots beta, starting May 28th

Hazard Ops May Beta

Have you signed up for the closed beta of Infernum’s absolutely ridiculous third-person shooter, Zombies Monsters Robots (inexplicably known as Hazard Ops in Europe)? If the answer to that query is now, then I must wonder if you’re mummy, dinosaur, evil robot, demon, zombie and zombie dog sympathiser.

For everyone else who knows that the best kind of undead, mechanbical or demonic beastie is one riddled with bullets, there’s some good news. Hazard Ops’ closed beta is kicking off very soon. The European beta will begin on May 28th, that’s next Wednesday. Get prepared. 

Those of you who are lucky enough to be one of the limited number of testers will get to hang out with other gun-toting heroes as you slaughter unsavoury monsters from killer robots to dinosaurs with rocket launchers.

You’ll receive your key soon, and there’s still time to sign up if you haven’t already. You really should. It sounds like a hoot.