Prefer to drive your bikes sideways? Techland are making FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 for you

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15

The best bit of Dead Island: Riptide was the bit where you drove a truck round and round the Banoi archipelago, bouncing zombies off the bonnet, until you encountered an impassable body of water and maybe quit out to play something different. So it makes perfect sense that Techland would direct their Warsaw subsidiary to develop a game all about driving round and round, but this time freed totally from impassable bodies of water.

Actually the latest iteration in a series Techland have maintained for over a decade, FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 is intended to be the “ultimate” licensed simulator of speedway – a real-life Mario Kart motorsport in which one-gear bikes powerslide sideways around oval tracks and never, ever brake.

“Speedway is the essence of immense power, adrenaline and… brakeless racing!,” said Techland Warszawa head Marek Soból. “I strongly believe that FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 will be the best speedway simulator ever made by Techland. We treat it as a completely new beginning for the brand.”

Expect shoulder-to-shoulder racing at incredible speeds, accompanied by cheering crowds, dynamic commentary, and clouds of dirt and shale rising up to meet you.

Different surface types are tied to authentically-recreated Grand Prix stadiums, including Målilla, Cardiff, Horsens, Toruń and Melbourne. And the best riders from the current season will appear: namely Nicki Pedersen, Jarosław Hampel, Tai Woffinden, Krzysztof Kasprzak and Greg Hancock.

You can become Speedway World Champion, if you’re very dedicated and fast and know your stuff, upon FIM’s release sometime in the latter months of this year. Do you think you might?