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Monster Hunter: World invades Final Fantasy 14 this summer

monster hunter world ff14

Monster Hunter will be invading the world of Final Fantasy XIV later this year, giving players of the MMO an apparent opportunity to do battle with the creatures of Capcom’s beloved hunting series. (It may, sadly, be the our only taste of PC Monster Hunter for quite some time.)

The brief trailer doesn’t show much, but does show a palico guide making its debut, the arrival of a Rathalos to be hunted, and a group of FF14 players teaming up to take down the creature. We don’t know much more just yet, but the crossover is set to launch this summer.

This will be late game content for existing players, requiring a character at level 70 who has completed the main scenario quest of Stormblood.

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Square Enix promises more details soon, but for now you can keep up by having a look at the trailer. This all follows the 4.3 content update, which brought the Ivalice raid Ridorana Lighthouse to the game as well as a new companion app.

Check out the the meeting in motion below:

It sadly seems that we’ll get this crossover before we see Monster Hunter: World’s PC port, which we still don’t have a firm date for. Even without the benefit of a home computer version, it’s still managed to be Capcom’s best-selling game ever, so it’s little surprise to see its contents spilling out into new crossovers.