Final Fantasy 16 PC release date won’t land before 2023’s end

The Final Fantasy 16 PC release date seems set for December 2023, after revealing the JRPG game hits PS5 on June 2023 in a ‘Revenge’ story and gameplay trailer

Final Fantasy 16 - protagonist Clive looks distraught

We have a Final Fantasy 16 PC release date – though we’ll have to wait a while longer to play the next instalment of the JRPG game series than those on PlayStation 5. Give our Final Fantasy 16 release date guide a read to discover all the latest information on the JRPG. A new ‘Revenge’ trailer shown at The Game Awards 2022 reveals a PS5 date of June 22, 2023, but a six-month FF16 exclusivity window means that we likely won’t be playing it on our gaming PCs until the very end of the year.

A small footnote at the end of the trailer remarks that the game is “not available on other platforms until 12.31.2023.” Given that December 31 is the very last day of the year, it seems likely to be a placeholder date and that we’ll actually see Final Fantasy 16 release on PC some time early in 2024. We’ll hold out hope that it’ll arrive in time for us to see the New Year in, however.

You can watch the Revenge trailer below, showcasing some more story content as well as plenty of gameplay of protagonist Clive and several of the huge summons in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

Square Enix has revealed that while it tells a more realistic story, you can still expect to come across Final Fantasy 16 Moogles. Stay tuned to PCGamesN for more news on this and other upcoming games as we move into 2023.