Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed on non-PlayStation platforms, too

Not much of a surprise, but it's official now

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Box art confirmed the ‘timed’ part last year, as a little label noted that you can “play first on PS4,” and that it was a “timed exclusive” until March 3, 2021 – exactly one year after its planned release date. If you had any hope that the period would be reduced by virtue of FF7’s delay, Square Enix officially crushed that dream today.

New Final Fantasy VII Remake box art updates the text to “timed exclusive until 4/10/2021.” That’ll be precisely one year after the new PlayStation 4 release date on April 10. Square Enix recently updated its official packshots with the new date, which Silliconera noted today.

The delay on non-PlayStation 4 versions of FF7 probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but now that it’s official we can put any speculation to rest. Square Enix still hasn’t officially announced ports beyond the PS4 release, but the extremely specific date on the one-year exclusivity deal certainly suggests the publisher has plans for ports in mind.

As we count down to the Death Stranding PC release date, it’s clear that the old rules of exclusivity are starting to mean less and less. With strong reports of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to Steam and FF7 looking to take a similar track, PC is looking to scoop up loads of titles that would’ve formerly been exclusive to Sony platforms.

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