Final Fantasy V is coming to Steam on September 24


Ah, Final Fantasy, how you’ve changed. Not only does each entry plonk you in a new land with new characters and tweak the combat mechanics but, over the years, its characters have mutated from innocent-looking sprites to moody, 3D models with impossible hair.

While graphical fidelity has improved to an impressive degree, sometimes it’s nice to revisit a time when things were simpler. 

If you ever wanted to go back to a time before Final Fantasy’s Lightning-saga infatuation, before Squall’s ballroom dance or even before we lost ourselves in the Golden Saucer, September 24 is the date for you.

Not only is Final Fantasy V heading to Steam this very month, but it also comes with a few improvements to make itself a bit more palatable for a modern audience; controls have been remodeled and the visuals have been refined, while still retaining their original appeal.

Final Fantasy V’s combat has a job system that allows you to allocate a different fighting style to whatever character you wish, and this version comes with four new jobs: gladiator, cannoneer, oracle and necromancer. Check out the announcement trailer:

Which Final Fantasy do you think is best? (I’ll be judging anyone who doesn’t say FFVII)