Final Fantasy 6 PC release date is December 16th, uses phone version’s visual updates


Update, 8th Dev, 2015: As predicted, a version of Final Fantasy VI is making its way to PC. The iPhone and Android version with updated sprites and menu graphics will be releasing on December 16th, just in time for an apocalyptic Christmas. There’s a new trailer and other details below.

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That trailer may seem awfully familiar to those of you who watched the original phone version, as embedded below. It’s a bit weird to me that these ports take so long – it’s not like with a console where the PC isn’t powerful enough for straight emulation, most toasters are now capable of the sort of thing the SNES did. It’s not like they put an awful amount of effort into redoing press assets or the like either. I’m not angry about it, I’m glad to be able to play this stuff on PC as my phone slowly dies into oblivion, just slightly confused.

Anyway, it’ll be £10.99 / €14.49 on Steam, with a 10% discount in the first week. It’ll be launching right in the middle of the Steam Winter sale, so you’ll probably have to wait a few months if you want it particularly cheaper than that. If you’re unfamiliar with VI itself, it generally seems to be at the top or near-top of everyone’s best-FF lists, a remarkable consistency for a franchise that so divides opinion. I’ve never finished it but had great fun with the GBA port, and it certainly holds up if you can glance past ’94s technical limitations.

Original Story, 30th Nov, 2015:It looks like Final Fantasy 6 will be making the jump to PC in the near future. A PEGI listing spotted by the ravenous news-hordes of Reddit points towards the SNES, Playstation and mobile JRPG making the keyboard and mouse transition, probably via Steam, in the near future.

As pointed out in the thread, chances are the listingwill be for a port of the Android and iOS version of the game that was released last year. As you can see above, it had a sprite update that was, er, controversial to say the least. While I personally appreciate the upgraded headshots for dialogue boxes, the in-world sprites themselves stick out like the only guy with a sensible haircut in a Square Enix game.

Speaking of, we contacted them to see if they wanted to confirm, deny or otherwise clarify the news and received a predictable “no comment” in return. With Playstation Experience and The Game Awards both happening this week, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect it as a minor announcement at one or the other. FF5 got the mobile port treatment in September.

Here’s the mobile version’s trailer, just in case, eh?