Final Fantasy 6’s pixel remaster launches in February 2022

Square Enix says it's giving itself the "necessary time to apply final polish while finishing development on the game"

A ship flies through the sky in Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy 6’s pixel remaster will be available to pick up on Steam in February 2022. Square Enix says it’s giving itself the “necessary time to apply final polish” while completing development on the game, so sit tight. You’re also getting some new items if you pre-purchase the game individually or have already bought the bundle, such as special soundtracks with remixes of Locke’s Theme and The Decisive Battle alongside two unique wallpapers.

The pixel remasters of Final Fantasy 4 and 5 were released on September 8 and November 10, respectively, so you’re facing a longer wait this time, but, hey, Final Fantasy 6’s pixel remaster should be out around the same time as the Steam Deck, so that’s something.

We recently got a wee glimpse of what the dev team is working on in an issue of Famitsu. The opera scene, in particular, has a 2.5D pixel vibe that’s reminiscent of Octopath Traveller, though I’m keen to see how the rest of the game will look in comparison.

Final Fantasy’s pixel remasters have gone down well so far, with most of them netting ‘very’ or ‘overwhelmingly’ positive reviews on Steam. That said, a common complaint is that the text is just a wee bit too small. If Final Fantasy 6 launches with tiny text, though, I’m sure a mod to fix it will be along not long after, which has been the case with the other games.

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Square Enix initially revealed that it was remastering Final Fantasy’s first six games in pixel style last year. While we got the first three games in one go, the following three have been staggered.

If you fancy playing something to make the wait for Final Fantasy 6’s pixel remaster easier, we’ve rounded up the best JRPGs on PC in one handy list for you. Final Fantasy 14 is always an option, though the current queue situation might leave you fancying something a tad more accessible.