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Final Fantasy 6 remaster release date leaked, then confirmed

The Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is officially 14 days away

The opera scene in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster

Square Enix previously announced that the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster would launch this February, and a more precise date leaked on the iOS App Store today – about one hour before the devs officially confirmed the date via a press release. Sadly for you Switch holdouts, it’s still only confirmed for Steam and mobile. (Though it will be arriving in time for the Steam Deck release date.)

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster launches for Steam, iOS, and Android on February 23. Similar to previous entries in the Pixel Remaster line, it’ll feature updated graphics with widescreen support, a rearranged soundtrack overseen by Nobuo Uematsu, quality-of-life gameplay tweaks, and supplementary material like a bestiary, gallery, and music player.

Some early screenshots suggested that we’d see more substantial graphical updates in this remaster compared with the previous efforts, but it looks like that’s limited to some key scenes. The store page shows a gentle 3D effect applied to the beloved opera scene, for example.

Old games never die, nor should they.