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Final Fantasy 6 remaster devs will fix the bad train suplex

Crisis averted - the FF6 remaster is getting the good train suplex

Square Enix reveals the FF6 remaster train suplex. then flubs it

Last week, Square Enix hit social media to show off one of Final Fantasy VI’s most memorable battle moves in the upcoming Pixel Remaster. Yes, you can still suplex the train in the new version. However, the clip that the devs showed had one major issue – the train didn’t flip upside down while receiving the suplex. That’s the kind of problem that makes a game unplayable, but thankfully, the issue will be fixed before release.

“We’re still hard at work polishing Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster in time for launch next week,” the devs say in a follow-up, “and we saw some of your comments that the Phantom Train didn’t flip during Meteor Strike. The video was taken from a pre-release version, and will be adjusted in time for launch!”

Crisis averted. The FF6 remaster release date is set for February 23 across Steam, iOS, and Android. (You know, just in case there weren’t enough upcoming PC games for you to enjoy in February.)

While the graphical changes – especially the fonts – have gotten a mixed response, the Pixel Remaster series has so far proven to be a decent modern update for the classics.

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