Final Fantasy 6 remaster has a new 3D opera scene with actual singing

It's no train suplex, but the Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster's opera will have you weeping.

The Final Fantasy 6 remaster has a full opera scene in 3D with voice

The new Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is nearly here, and it promises to upgrade one of the best JRPGs on PC with “completely new graphics and audio”. This is none more apparent in the game’s famous opera scene, which has been completely remade with new 3D graphics – and even proper vocal singing.

It’s considered one of the best RPGs ever made and the new Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy VI is out this Wednesday, February 23 – but it’s not been without controversy. One of the game’s most famous moments, the ridiculous train suplex, has been completely flubbed – and Square Enix is already promising to fix it.

However, another of Final Fantasy VI’s most famous scenes is the Opera House, and this appears to be receiving far more attention to detail. As revealed by a recent report from Famitsu (via @Nibellion), the opera house itself has been completely remade in 3D in a style similar to Lost Sphear or I Am Setsuna – and that’s not all.

The opera scene will also contain full voice acting – the only time this happens in the remaster – with a real singer actually performing the song as Celes. You can check out a tease of this scene in a new trailer that Square Enix just released.

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It’s a stark difference from the original, which you can see below.

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You can check out the whole thing when the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster releases on February 23.