DotEmu’s online store is set to close on June 1

DotEmu Store

Known for their DRM-free ports of retro games mainly from Japan, French development studio DotEmu is planning to close its online store on June 1. Citing the increased competition between digital distribution platforms, DotEmu have decided they just cannot keep up with the larger digital outlets and are bowing out of the race.

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Opened back in April 2010, the DotEmu store sold games by publishers like Focus Home Interactive, Sega, Rebellion, THQ Nordic and Strategy First to name but a few, alongside their own ports of franchises like Metal Slug, Double Dragon and Final Fantasy.

While DotEmu will continue to develop ports of retro titles, their online store has been outclassed by services like GOG, Steam and Green Man Gaming, making it surplus to requirement for the studio.

The store actually stopped selling games back on March 1 but you have until June 1 to download any games you have already bought. They will still be fully playable once the June 1 date elapses, but you will need to have them on your PC by that point. The DotEmu store domain will no longer be accessible from June 1, so you better gather your collection soon or they will be lost to the mists of time.

With DotEmu currently working on ports for classic titles like Windjammers and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, it’s fair to expect that their new ports will end up on other online services like Steam in the future. Just remember not to lose all their old stuff in the meantime.

Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.